Bottle caps easy or hard?

From Nocrashwiki

We have two kinds of bottle caps. The twist off and the use an opener. You can use an opener on a twist off but  can not twist off, an use opener cap. Why do we still have, use an opener caps?

Why do the imports lack the twist off technology? Do the bottle opener manufactures use scare tactics or other means to force the imports away from the twist off cap?  Is a beer any more or less with a twist off cap? Does Chinese food  taste better with chop sticks? I need a new pair of flip flops. So I may get the reefs with the built in bottle opener, just in case. Maybe I have a bottle opener issue? I did receive two knives for Christmas, both have bottle openers. I know this old hockey player that opens bottles with a hockey stick and occasionally his eye socket. It`s all about  the leverage. Give me a  lever long enough and I will move the earth or just open a cold one.