Levels of perfection

From Nocrashwiki

Few things in life are perfect. One such place comes to mind, major league baseball fields

Unlike football and soccer fields, that show wear, even golf courses have worn places . Baseball fields look perfect. As a  connoisseur of grass (the kind you mow). I look on with wild eyed amazement, at the blue grass of  Fenway park. All parks are different, Fenway has the green monster, Wrigley has the ivy and Minute Maid has the hill. Perfect they all are when ones eye turns to look at the grass. What a reward, it must be for a grounds keeper to look down on a freshly mowed Turner field. Not unlike the farmer and his field of corn or tobacco. Viewed from an airplane, the symmetrical rows look almost unreal. But we don`t sit in 40,000 seat stadiums to watch corn grow.