Pizza. If your not for it, you''re against it.

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Pizza, what else matters? Like baseball and spring every fresh pizza is a new beginning. "I bet if I try real hard, I can remember my first pizza........................."

It was a Chef Boyardee pizza kit. The year 1976 and mom was the architect. Chef Boyardee pizza kit was a Saturday night tradition for many years. Mom would roll out  the dough paper thin, add special toppings, and bake until crispy yet chewy. I would eat the pizza folded over  with a side of apple sauce. Wrestling was on TV. Just me, the Nature Boy, and some great pizza. What makes a great pizza? I would have to say foldabilty is critical and a close second is sauce content. Should man live by pizza alone? Should pizza be a food group? I say yes, if you're up to it, and pizza is not a food group but all the food groups folded over into one slice of heaven. Pizza is one of only two foods that are suitable for large to go orders. The other being Chinese. People ask me how many pizza cutters should I have on hand (If  you have frozen pizzas and who doesn`t)? If for just emergency use, then I say two to three, more if you hate washing things. Is crust abandonment wrong? Well yeah. No one part of the pizza is any more important  than another. Is pizza good hot, cold, night, morning, lunch, break, snack, on the road, in the office, at the race, in the park, at the game. Where is pizza not good? Roller coaster riding and stunt kite flying {no free hands}. I`am getting hungry, later.